Colleen & Josh, Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session


This past October, I had the incredible opportunity to shoot two beautiful engagement sessions in Charleston, SC. It was a dream come true. Charleston has so many beautiful areas that getting to take our time and shoot relaxed and wandering sessions was just more than any photographer could ask for. Colleen and Josh chose Folly Beach for their engagement session. So we got up at sunrise and traveled out to the ocean where we watched the sky and water turn pink and purple with the rising suncolleenjoshengagement-43colleenjoshengagement-20colleenjoshengagement-21

Colleen is a dear cousin of my husband. I first met most of Kevin’s cousins during a beach trip to Destin, Florida, back in 2011. We rolled in later than most of the group and hauled our suitcases up a staircase in this fancy rental house. Once we reached the landing, 7 gorgeous young women rushed up to welcome us. Even though I’m a pretty outgoing person, it was kind of intimidating because they were all so pretty! But they excitedly introduced themselves and were cracking jokes left and right. I quickly realized they were all really warm people that didn’t take themselves too seriously. :::sigh of relief!:::


Colleen is one of those vivacious cousins. She’s smart and determined, athletic and strong, and has classic features. She doesn’t wear a lot of make-up or jewelry and always looks effortlessly beautiful.


I’m so happy that Colleen has found her soul mate in Josh. Her groom is kind and funny and quick to encourage those around him. He’s wicked smart (a nuclear and mechanical engineer) yet down to earth (cue yelling impassionedly at the Clemson Football team whilst wearing a lucky plaid shirt). And he’s simply enchanted with his bride. When Colleen was out of ear shot, I remarked to Josh, “Colleen is such a pretty girl.” He replied, “She is stunning.”



While Josh thinks Colleen is gorgeous, it clearly isn’t the only thing he likes about her. Just before their first date, Colleen fell running up steps- HARD. She had a concussion and a big gash on her face. Colleen called Josh up and he changed their date into a relaxed evening where he could take care of Colleen as they watched a movie on the couch.


A typical date for the pair is a fancy meal prepared by Josh! His 12 years experience in the restaurant industry makes him a talented cook. The pair also loves to travel and are devoted fans of their alma mater’s football team. Don’t you want to hang out with them?


Colleen and Josh are getting married in June, and I can’t wait. They will exchange vows in the beautiful gothic revival Roman Catholic church of St. Mary Help of Christians and are having their reception between two gorgeous venues. The Willcox and the Rye Patch in Aiken, SC. With these two free spirits leading the festivities, it’s sure to be a ball!


Thank you so much, Josh and Colleen for inviting me to capture this time in your lives. It makes my heart happy to see you so in love!


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