In-home family lifestyle session, Martinsburg, WV


Earlier this week I did a real-deal lifestyle session in my subject’s home- and It. Was. Awesome.



Usually, my portrait sessions are outdoors at golden hour where I find the most flattering light, complimentary backgrounds, and pose my subjects a bit. I always aim to keep the look natural, but want my clients to feel confident and beautiful. My gentle directive posing seeks to accomplish that.


But Tuesday was a different approach entirely. I’m certainly not abandoning my typical style- I still love the images it renders and the experience it gives my clients, but I am so happy this straight-up-adorable family was onboard for a truly lifestyle portrait session. Enter the Legos, roughhousing, and digging in the dirt! Wrap it up with pajamas, tooth brushing, and story time and you’ve got one photographer who is in LOVE with this session!


I hope Kate and Aaron love these images too- I just LOVE those little everyday moments. Moments make a life! These images aren’t perfect, but they are real and I am in love with the authenticity of this shoot. I just know that someday, when their little ones are all grown up and have families of their own, they’ll dig out this album and see these moments. They’ll see their childhood home where their parents raised them with so much love and laughter.  They’ll see how lucky they were to grow up with a brother so close in age. They’ll see how big and genuine the hugs were they shared.


Thank you to Kate and Aaron and their sweet sons for inviting me into your home and lives! I had a blast playing with you all and hope these images become part of your family’s legacy! Lots of love!



Focusing on relationships and real moments, Claire Watson specializes in photography that captures true beauty and feels genuine and authentic. Claire Watson is a West Virginia Wedding Photographer based in Martinsburg, WV. She joyfully serves clients in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.