Ashley and Ashbee, Morgantown, WV Wedding




I’ve known this beautiful bride for nine years now. Is that right? Oh my goodness!


I became close friends with Ashley while we were earing our law degrees and had the pleasure of getting to know Ashbee slowly when our little group would meet up for study group (or Chinese food and rock band). I say slowly, because at first, Ashbee was kind of reserved and didn’t hang out or talk much. But the more we hung out, the more I got to know him, and the guy is hilarious! He has such a keen sense of humor and he and Ashley are always making each other laugh- it’s so wonderful to see your friend matched so perfectly.



Being with Ashley and Ashbee on their wedding day was so special. Ashley looked so elegant and beautiful. She gracefully welcomed everyone who came her way. When Ashbee’s eyes welled up when he saw his bride, his brothers gave him a reassuring shoulder grab. When they said their vows and exchanged rings, everyone in that church was beaming.  It was just a GREAT wedding.


And of course it didn’t hurt that everyone was just gorgeous! The bridesmaids looked like a bunch of models, both the moms looked like they walked out of a bridal magazine, and all of the little details were just perfection.


One of my absolute favorite parts of wedding day is the bride and groom’s portraits just before or after the ceremony. It’s such a sweet and fun time where the bride and groom get to just be together and breathe. Weddings can be somewhat hectic and that time where I get to kick everyone out and direct the couple to cuddle up is precious. Yes, you want to celebrate with friends and family, but that brief alone time where you get to just soak in the first day of your marriage is so special.


Ashley and Ashbee’s bride and groom portraits did not disappoint. We actually had the luxury of time just before the reception and about 10-15 minutes during sunset where we snuck away for a super secret spot I found in Morgantown where you can still see rolling hills.


Ashley and Ashbee could hardly hold a smooch for longer than a second because they kept SMILING! My heart would just swell with happiness when this happened and they are my favorites from the whole day because they just totally captured the moment: straight. up. joy.


The reception was a blast- people weren’t afraid to boogie and brought out these giant cut-outs of the groom’s face- it was hilarious. And of course any wedding where there is a cookie table and Dip and Dots is going down in the books for sure!


Thank you so much to the happy couple and their families for having me along on this momentous day. It was an absolute blast and true honor. And a shout out to my lovely second shooter, Hannah Roach! She did an amazing job and can’t wait til we can do it again!


Focusing on relationships and real moments, Claire Watson specializes in photography that captures true beauty and feels genuine and authentic. Claire Watson is a West Virginia Wedding Photographer based in Martinsburg, WV. She joyfully serves clients in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and beyond.